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3 Issues That Republicans Are Trying To Tackle & Come To A Consensus On Surrounding Obamacare

President Donald Trump ran on the platform that Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, needed to be repealed and replace right away. However, this is a complicated process that requires the Republicans in Congress to come up with a replacement plan that will ensure that the millions of Americans that are receiving coverage through Obamacare do not suddenly lose their coverage. Here are three issues that Republicans are currently grappling as they work to come up replacement plan for Obamacare. Read More 

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Volunteering Your Time

Since my college days, I’ve been extremely interested in politics. Before voting for a political candidate, I strive to find out as much information about him or her as I possibly can. Once I decide to support a political candidate in an upcoming political race, I do everything in my power to help get him or her elected. If you feel strongly about trying to get someone elected to a public office, you might want to consider working at a polling site and putting up signs in your neighborhood. On this blog, I hope you will discover how satisfying helping a deserving candidate win a political office can be. Enjoy!